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  • Revel II Boots from Keen

    Revel II Boots from Keen

    Winter just doesn't want to end for most people, but at least one thing you shouldn't have to worry about is getting around with a solid boot! Designed for hiking, the Revel II will help you get where you want to go in rain or snow, look good, and stay comfortable.

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  • Exuvius Cufflinks

    Exuvius Cufflinks

    We love style, looking like we've got a one up on the guy next to us. If we don't have it all, then we want to try and look like we do. Today we're looking at the Exuvious Double Agent Cufflink set, one of those things that even though you don't typically need them, you'll want a nice set of them just to have.

  • Boco AT Running Shoes by Newton

    Boco AT Running Shoes by Newton

    It's cold out, but that doesn't mean it's time to call it quits for the winter. Between the holiday dinners and the shorter days, this is probably the best time to really start focusing on getting healthy. Today we'll be checking out the Boco AT running shoes by Newton.

  • The Drift - A Wooden Watch by Mica

    The Drift - A Wooden Watch by Mica

    Mica is finding a way to bring something new to an industry that's been around forever, by creating their line of wooden watches. Ok, they're probably not the first ever to do this one, but they are among a select few of modern watches being produced today to do this. Today I'll be giving you a look at The Drift, a watch with an all wood body.

  • The Rolex shop that could

    Paul Altieri, the founder of Bobs Watches

    So this is a different kind of story that came across the channels, but it did catch my interest. Someone starting a business of buying and selling used Rolex watches. While trying not to look like a pawn shop or another eBay, Paul Altieri, the founder of Bobs Watches, launched in 2010, and has seen huge growth year over year, needless to say, we thought it was worth while to see what he had to say about it, so we asked him a bit about his business.

  • Review: CLEVERFIT


    Recently I was given the chance to try out something small, but rather unique, the CLEVERFIT, a shirt collar stay. I'll start off by saying, I wear button up shirts every day. I've always tried to keep ahold of the little shirt collar tabs that come with my shirts, but I lose them constantly. For me, it's really just a losing battle, but that's why I like the CLEVERFIT, they're larger so you won't lose them, made from metal so they won't break or warp, and best of all, they're sizable, so you know they'll fit your shirt.


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