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  • Krave Jerky

    Krave Jerky

    Jerky is a favorite snack here at Brobility, so we're always pretty excited to get a chance to introduce you to some new flavors. Today we're taking a look at Krave Jerky, an all natural snack alternative, that in proportion is an ideal snack for anyone with health in mind.

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  • Grill Master

    Grill Master

    So what if it's the middle of January? There's always time to hit the grill! There are a lot of cook books out there, and a good chunk of them are probably for the grill, but Grill Master stands out. Instead of focusing on specialty grills, equipment, and ingredients, Grill Master focuses on typical grills and doesn't go too far out from the every day grocery store.

  • Live Fire, for the All Out Chef

    Live Fire, for the All Out Chef

    Every guy out there loves to grill, but I'm just guessing few have ever gone as far as Michael Chiarello. Live Fire will walk you through every facet of grilling, both over the grill, and over your own fire pits. From what wood to use, great recipes, to tools of the trade.

  • This is a Cookbook

    This is a Cookbook

    I'm like most guys out there, if it's not on the grill, I probably can't cook it. I'm always looking for simple recipes that look great, but they're pretty hard to find. Based on the cook books I've seen, most people must just really love those recipes that take two days to make, and have the most random ingredients in the world. There's where, This is a Cookbook steps in. It's got a bunch of great recipes for every day life.

  • Gym Paws - simple workout glove alternative

    Gym Paws - simple workout glove alternative

    Last week we took a look at some workout gloves from Bionic, but this week, we're going to take a look at a very simple alternative, Gym Paws. The idea behind Gym Paws is that they'll protect your hands without being so bulky. Take a look below, and let us know what you think.

  • Bionic Workout Gloves

    Bionic Workout Gloves

    One thing I really like having is a nice set of workout gloves. They keep me from tearing up my hands and they give me that extra bit of grip. Today I'll be taking a look at two pairs of Workout Gloves from Bionic, their normal and cutoff sets.

  • 7 tips for a better work out

    7 tips for a better work out

    Everyone has their own golden set of rules for working out, but here are some basic ones that are hard to argue, no matter who you are. Here are our seven basic rules to help keep your work outs moving and keeping them as strong as possible.

  • Boco AT Running Shoes by Newton

    Boco AT Running Shoes by Newton

    It's cold out, but that doesn't mean it's time to call it quits for the winter. Between the holiday dinners and the shorter days, this is probably the best time to really start focusing on getting healthy. Today we'll be checking out the Boco AT running shoes by Newton.

  • Why you should have a home gym

    Why you should have a home gym

    It's officially cold out. Holiday dinner after holiday dinner are coming up in the future. Pair that up with shorter windows to see some actual daylight, and it sounds like a perfect time to go into hibernation. Or wait, maybe it's time to work on that home gym!

  • Debunking Facebook: The myth of wheat grass

    Debunking Facebook: The myth of wheat grass

    I see so many memes every week about what's healthy and what isn't on facebook. They're all pretty interesting, and if I learned anything, if the majority say it's true, then it must be true. But just to test the waters a little, lets take a closer look.

  • Fitness Technology

    Fitbit Flex

    Well we all love our technology. I'm sure like most of you reading this, I'm never out of reach of my cell phone. So why don't we take better advantage of them, and any other technology for that matter?We keep seeing new technology developments out there to help us stay in shape better and make sure everything we do is more effective.

  • Just how much sugar is in that drink?

    Just how much sugar is in that drink?

    Now there are a hundred crazy diets out there, and while I'm not a certified expert on planning meals I think it's widely enough agreed that taking in a lot of sugar isn't going to help you diet. So how much sugar is in some of the more common drinks out there?

  • Keeping fit, even when it's cold out

    Keeping fit, even when it's cold out

    Currently, it's 24 degrees outside, and I'm definitely catching myself more and more saying, "If only it were warmer out..." If I had to venture a guess, one big killer of new years resolutions to get in shape end up failing because, lets be honest, most the interesting activities that keep us active are outdoor ones. Softball, bicycling, and for the most part, even running are all outdoors. So what are some great ways to get and stay active in the middle of winter without breaking the bank?

    Start with the basics.

  • How to Live Forever

    How to live forever

    As of this moment at least, there is no way to live forever, there are some pretty easy steps you can take to start living healthier and living longer. The best thing to have in your arsenal of being healthy will always be a nice exercise regiment, but there are some other tricks to help make things easier.

  • Don't Lose Hope

    Don't Lose Hope

    An Amazing story about a guy being told at the age of 19 that he wouldn’t see his 30th birthday, due to his health and over weight condition.

  • Building a Home Gym on the Cheap

    Boxing Gloves

    If you're like me, then you're stuck behind a desk for the majority of your day but still want to be in shape, and with fall right around the corner, you're options are becoming limited. Starting your own home gym may sound expensive, but let me show you how you can get a solid start without breaking the bank.

  • 5 Simple Meals To Impress Your Date

    5 Simple Meals To Impress Your Date

    Looking for an easy to make dinner that still looks impressive? Check out these five easy recipes that will show off your cooking ability while keeping things simple.


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