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Christmas may be over, but we've still got something special for all of our readers, enter now for your chance to win our special giveaway!

Brobility Giveaway

- Duration: Now until March 18th
- Entries must be completed through the raffle copter form
- A winner will be chosen at random within the following days of the entry period
- Only entries from the US will be considered
- All entries must be over 18 years of age
- Winners will be contacted through email, if they don't respond within three days, another random winner will be chosen.

The Total Outdoorsman Manual
The Total Outdoorsman Manual The book is perfect for light reading or just leaving out on a coffee table. It's split into sections for camping, fishing, hunting and survival. Each section lists skills or tricks to help you out when you're lost deep in the woods. From tying knots, to cooking a fish. The book lists them in a numbered order and has a lot of illustrations to help you understand some of the things it's talking about. As you read you can pick up on a sense of humor as well, that really fits the book. A lot of the skills are pretty interesting and as you read them, you can see that they're definitely good to know skills, even if you never have to use them. Read the Full Review.

The Wild Chef
The Wild Chef Learn to cook like a man. 100 recipes for you to cook your own catch. This hard cover cook book doesn't just show you how to cook, it even gives you some tips on how to prepare your food. Everything you need when you're out on the trail.

USB Power Outlet
Leviton USB Power Outlets Following our review of the USB Power Outlet from Leviton, Check out their four port USB power outlet. Read the review of Levitons 2port USB Power Outlet.

CleverFit An adjustable collar stay that will fit any shirt you've got and won't be ruined so easily in the wash. The CLEVERFIT comes with four collar stays and a solid built carrying case to make sure you've got a nice way to keep them stored. Read the Review.

Bionic Workout Gloves
Bionic Workout Gloves Light but still very durable, Bionic has gloves that'll last you through some solid workouts without letting your hands be destroyed. Read the review.

Set of Custom Beer Glasses
Custom Cut Beer Bottle Drinking Glasses Having the ability to craft up some unique drinking glasses for our readers, we figured, why not? We'll be throwing in a six pack of Custom Made Drinking Glasses from Bud Light Platinum Beer Bottles. Made using the Kinkajou Bottle Cutter, we wanted to give you something unique. Or, if you'd rather, mix and match with some Beer Bottle Candle holders, to set the mood, but keep it manly.

Brobility T-Shirt
Brobility T-Shirt We wanted to give you one last thing to keep on hand just from us, your very own Brobility T-Shirt!

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