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  • UNSC Quad Walker from Mega Bloks

    Halo UNSC Quad Walker from Mega Bloks

    There's still a huge part of me that won't ever grow up. I'm quickly approach the second anniversary of turning 29, I'm married, and have kids, and every now and then I debate racing the kids for first dibs on the Xbox or buying them air-soft guns for my own fun. This is why today we're taking a look at one thing that's especially fun to every guy out there, we'll be taking a look at Mega Bloks and their Halo, UNSC Quad Walker set.

  • The Total Gun Manual

    The Total Gun Manual

    We've said it before, guns are just always an area we're drawn to. But what good is the knowledge if you don't have the right skills? Field & Stream in association with Weldon Owen produced a book for just that, The Total Gun Manual, giving you 335 skills you need to know for rifles, shot guns, and everything else gun related.

  • Xtream H3 - Bluetooth Rotatable DJ Style Headphones

    Xtream H3 - Bluetooth Rotatable DJ Style Headphones

    Two things that drive my life are music and technology, so I'm always pretty happy to see things that start to combine the two of them. Today I wanted to take a look at the Xtream H3 Bluetooth Headphones from Adesso. Designed to store in a compact form, these over ear phones are going to be put to the test!

  • Adesso Bluetooth iPad Speaker

    Adesso Bluetooth iPad Speaker

    More and more, it's hard to go anywhere without seeing the word Bluetooth plastered up everywhere. From headsets to cars, it's pretty much everywhere, but honestly, that's because of the convenience and simplicity it offers. The most frequently sought after Bluetooth technology that we see growing non-stop are speakers. Today we'll be looking at one set of Bluetooth speakers, with a bit of added functionality, the Xtream S3 from Adesso.

  • Detroit Autorama 2014

    Detroit Autorama 2014

    The Detroit Autorama opened its doors to the public in the first weekend of March, in what is expected to be the largest Autorama show of the year. Making 15 stops cross the country, car owners gathered to show off their classic and custom rides, to crowds that numbered upwards of an anticipated 150,000 viewers in Detroit alone.

    With lots of local talent gathering in the Motor City, we were able to bring you a lot of great coverage. Click the images below to take a tour of the show, seeing everything from the show cars, racers, rat rods, and even a few stops with the vendors!


  • The Wild Chef

    The Wild Chef

    Being an outdoors man really covers a lot of areas: survival skills, hunting, and even first aid. However, one area that probably gets largely overlooked, is learning to cook what you catch. From light butchering, to recipes for the trail, The Wild Chef is aimed at the avid hunter. Recipes are simple, and even talk about cooking over a fire.

  • Bro's give back - giveaway

    Bro's give back - giveaway
    Christmas may be over, but we've still got something special for all of our readers, enter now for your chance to win our special giveaway!
  • Disaster Survival Guide

    Disaster Survival Guide

    The reality of the world is, you never know when a disaster will strike. Sink holes, tornados, flooding, or earth quakes, the list goes on. Being prepared is always a smart plan, but sometimes, we miss things, and sometimes there are just too many unforeseeable things. This is why today we're happy to be taking a look at the Disaster Survival Guide from Weldon Owen, and give you an idea of the things you need to be prepared for anything.

  • Solid Bass over-ear headphones ATH-WS55iBK

    Solid Bass over-ear headphones ATH-WS55iBK from Audio-Technica

    One thing I never leave home without is a nice pair of headphones. I'm probably a little more picky about my choices in headphones than most people too, and not because of any professional career, but because when I put them on, it's usually for eight hours at a time. Today we'll be taking a look at the Solid Bass over-ear headphones from Audio-Technica.

  • Pulse BoomChair Gaming Chair

    Pulse BoomChair Gaming Chair

    One thing I really look forward to is being able to kick back for a few and do some gaming. Keeping things comfortable and getting better sound and a feel for the game are all what we want. So that's why we wanted to take a really close look at the Pulse BoomChair, a wireless gaming chair.

  • Exuvius Upper Hand Playing Cards

    Exuvius Upper Hand Playing Cards

    There's about a million different ways to make the same deck of cards, so when we see one that really stands out, it's worth mentioning. Today we'll be taking a look at the Upper Hand Playing Cards, from Exuvius. The name is pretty right on with this deck of cards, printed on them are tips to keep you with the upper hand in life. They aren't specific to poker or any card game, but that's what keeps them entertaining.

  • Live Fire, for the All Out Chef

    Live Fire, for the All Out Chef

    Every guy out there loves to grill, but I'm just guessing few have ever gone as far as Michael Chiarello. Live Fire will walk you through every facet of grilling, both over the grill, and over your own fire pits. From what wood to use, great recipes, to tools of the trade.

  • This is a Cookbook

    This is a Cookbook

    I'm like most guys out there, if it's not on the grill, I probably can't cook it. I'm always looking for simple recipes that look great, but they're pretty hard to find. Based on the cook books I've seen, most people must just really love those recipes that take two days to make, and have the most random ingredients in the world. There's where, This is a Cookbook steps in. It's got a bunch of great recipes for every day life.

  • The Total Motorcycling Manual

    The Total Motorcycling Manual

    I'll be fair by starting off and saying that I don't know motorcycles like I'd like to. Now that I've gotten that one out of the way, The Total Motorcycle Manual really showed me some interesting stuff. Gear, Riding, Repair and Maintenance, this book covers a lot of great information.

  • The 100 Greatest Firearms

    The 100 Greatest Firearms

    Ok, like practically every guy that exists, I'm just fascinated with guns. There's nothing creepy about it, guns have seen more scientific focus than most anything we have. Maybe that's a poor reflection on the human race, but it is something you can still come to appreciate. Today we'll be taking a look Gun: 100 Greatest Firearms as it walks you through the history and the innovation.

  • Buffalo Trace Bourbon Whiskey

    Buffalo Trace Bourbon Whiskey

    Buffalo Trace Bourbon Whskey has been around for a long time, a LONG time, having a working distillery since 1787. This has given them some time to really perfect their recipe. Coming up with a 90 proof bourbon, Buffalo Trace I have read is aged for 9 years, though there isn't an age statement on the label, and hits a nice level of 90 proof.

  • The Total Outdoorsman Manual

    The Total Outdoorsman Manual

    I'm always looking for something to read. I go back and fourth between wanting a book that I can consume myself with and wanting something that I can just flip through for some light reading. Recently, I was lucky enough to receive a copy of The Total Outdoorsman Manual from Weldonowen and found it pretty interesting.

  • Guide to Urban Moonshining: How to Make and Drink Whiskey

    Guide to Urban Moonshining: How to Make and Drink Whiskey

    I was lucky enough to get a copy of "Guide to Urban Moonshining: How to Make and Drink Whiskey". This book really gives you an education on whiskey, and keeps it interesting.

  • Review: John J. Bowman Bourbon Whiskey

    Review: John J. Bowman Bourbon Whiskey

    Produced and distributed by the A. Smith Bowman Distillery out of Fredericksburg, Virginia, John J. Bowman Bourbon Whiskey is a single barrel whiskey, that is eventually brought to 100 proof before each bottle is filled.

  • Press Release: JACK DANIEL’S SINATRA


    Previously available only in international duty free retailers and Tennessee, Sinatra Select lands in select retail locations in these U.S. cities and states: Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York City, San Francisco, New Jersey and Tennessee, between now and the end of the year.

  • Where to open a bar?

    Opening a bar
    Ok, I'm like everyone else who exists, I think it'd be cool to open a bar at some point one day. My friends know it, and we've all talked about how we'd do it. So I started doing some heavy research into where I'd set up shop, and here's what I found.



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