Why you should have a home gym


It's officially cold out. Holiday dinner after holiday dinner are coming up in the future. Pair that up with shorter windows to see some actual daylight, and it sounds like a perfect time to go into hibernation. Or wait, maybe it's time to work on that home gym!

Building a home gym can cost as much as you want it to, but honestly, it doesn't need to cost nearly anything. It can also give you that push you need since there's no more excuses. When it's a home gym, you're technically always at the gym.

Start off simple. You really don't need much to start. A lot of the basic gear doesn't need to cost much. Save the more expensive equipment until you're pushing your work outs in really specific directions.

Why you should have a home gymWhy you should have a home gym

Jumping Rope is such a basic work, but it'll give you a real work out. Five minutes of moderate jumping rope can burn 70-90 calories.
Weights are a favorite of mine, but they're a pain because they're always a bit pricey, pretty much a dollar a pound is what I expect to pay, and that's for the basic ones. So where's the silver lining? These things don't go bad. There are no moving parts, and unless you put them through something pretty extreme, they'll never break. So with some hunting, odds are you can liberate them from someone elses closet probably for free or next to nothing.
Boxing is a personal favorite of mine. It gives you a nice mix of cardio and strength. If you have someone to work out with, then even better. 

All of these are affordable workouts, and even better, they don't take up any significant space, and can be picked up when you're done and placed out of sight.

Throw out the excuses, we've covered the gear, we can get to the heart of the matter. Home gyms are at home. Most people don't make that connection for some reason. There's no more wasted travel time, you're technically at the gym, so really, there's just no more excuses on why you aren't working out.

Save some money. This is always the easiest way for me to justify spending on some home gym equipment. Gym memberships on average are $20 a month, home gyms just require you to live there. So, if you're spending $240 a year on equipment, you're saving the cost of membership, and even better, you own the equipment, so your home gym will always be growing.

So we've covered the costs, and we've covered the convenience, what's stopping you from working out at home. Anyone can go for a jog, a walk, do some sit ups or push ups at home. Being active is always our own choice. What's your favorite home workout?