The Top Guy Movies


It's hard to deny, there are certain movies that define us all. Whether we get a sense of ourselves, ideas for a future career or if we just enjoy kicking back and relaxing to our favorite movies, as guys, there are some that should top all of our lists.

10: Die Hard(all of them)
Why we love it: These movies are about a regular guy that step up to the plate when put into a bad situation. Not only is Officer McClane fighting for his family, he's doing it with style and what he has around him. Lots of violence, MacGyver enginuity, and just being a bad ass. yippee ki yay mother f***ers

9: Max Payne
Why we love it: First, this is adapted from a video game, so it gets some automatic points. Second, this is a perfectly violent movie. Max Payne is a normal guy thrown into an uncertain life. He has flaws and can't move on from the loss of his wife and child. Instead of backing down, he looks for revenge and nearly loses his mind and his life in the process.

8: The Matrix
Why we love it: Keeping with the cubicle theme, it's nice to think there's more out there for us. This movie packs in some incredible fights all while testing our perceptions on reality. People will bash this series, but it's hard to argue they set new standards for cinematography.

7: Office Space
Why we love it: Because we've all been there... Sometimes you just don't get your life fulfillment from sitting in a cubicle all day hearing about TPS reports. Before Breaking Bad came to television, too many of us likely had to look up money laundering in the dictionary. Who doesn't want to emulate Super Man 3 by shaving micro transactions for your own gain, and most of all, who doesn't want a red stapler at their desk now!?

6: 300
Why we love it: Is anyone really surprised by this one? This movie is pure violence, blood, war, and all while keeping an awesome ego. These guys are literally raised just to go to war, and even the girls are pretty tough.

5: Star Wars (all of them)
Why we love it: These movies are well aged, but they just get better with time. As a kid I was definitely drawn to the fact that they combined my two favorite things, lasers and swords into the worlds best invention ever, a light sabre... As you get older you come to love the lessons and the battles these guys go through, both on the inside and out.

4: Iron Man
Why we love it: Lets be honest, isn't this pretty much all any guy really wants? Limitless money, lots of cool toys and a suit that doesn't just get the party started, but it lets him fight super villains.

3: V for Vendetta
Why we love it: This movie really does it right, lots of desctuction in a perfectly explosive fashion, violence, and this movie even goes so far as to include a story line... This movie shows you why it's important to have your principles and fight for what you believe in. It also reminds you to never forget the things that are important to you. I still celebrate the 5th of November...

2: Fight Club
Why we love it: The movie is about fighting and corporate violence. I shouldn't need to say anything else. For those living under a rock, see what happens when a normal man forgets how to be alive. He breaks free from the cubicle and starts really tearing it up and figures out who he really is.

1: Top Gun
Why we love it: If you didn't grow up with this movie then you missed out. This movie defines how to be a man and deal with real issues while still getting the girl and blowing some bad guys out of the sky. This one really does it all.