Review: G3000 - Mobile Power Generator


Today I'm giving you a look at the G3000, a mobile power generator that'll let you charge your phone or other electronics when you're off the grid, anything that can use USB to charge itself. I'll dive head first into this one and say I like it. Now I'll tell you what that actually means. You won't be powering your house, but this does offer some power when you can't be anywhere near an outlet.

G3000 by GenneoG3000 by GenneoG3000 by Genneo

Different from spinning generators or solar generators, the G3000 charges from natural human movement, so it quietly charges up as you walk or run. You don’t need to set it up in the sun, or turn a crank, or even think about it. The G3000 generates power through movement, specifically by bouncing it. Slipping it in a cargo pocket or in a backpack would make for the ideal location for it.

The G3000 in itself looks pretty basic, like a a couple of tubs stuck together, but once you get your hands on it, it feels pretty sturdy, which it should be since it's designed to be shaken up. It has a hard metal enclosure and rubbery plastic endcaps. The internal components are some electronics, some magnets, and a battery. It feels pretty solid but only weighs in at just over a pound and a half.

The first thing this got me thinking of was those old survival radio/flashlights, with the crank powered dynamo, and this is similar to those in that you can generate about as much power as with a crank except that you don’t need to worry about turning a crank, just shake up and down or back and forth in the direction of its axis.

If you're looking to just have something on the road with you, you can charge the G3000 up at home just like you would with any device. It even has a microUSB port on it like most standard phones to receive a charge. A blue LED strip will show you how much much of a charge it currently holds. Additionally, this can be paired with other devices. If you're an extreme outdoorsman, when you're busy off the grid, you could even attach a small USB set of solar panels, giving it an even faster recharge time.

Now for the big facts. The G3000 provides one hour of talk time for every seven hours walking. It's argueable, that this isn't a huge amount, but when you're off the grid, this all you need. The larger model, the G4000 will give you the same talk time in five hours of walking, it has a larger batter, and more room for internal movement, so the power generation is a bit greater. Shaking this by hand is possible, but it will take some real time. It really does hit it's stride though as a useful backup. Treat it like a first aide kit, when you need it, you'll be happy you have it.

Genneo is still in their earlier stages, just coming up on production, so it's safe to assume that as we keep an eye on them, we'll see more innovation as they develop and name for themselves. They're currently in talks with a few retailers that can not yet be named, and hope to be ready for production by April or May of 2014 with an estimated retail price on the G3000 of $199.

The G3000 isn't for your every day user, but for hunters, campers, even mountain bikers who love to really get off the beaten path, this is a perfect product for you. Where would you take this with you?