Up n Coming from Kickstarter


We're checking out the new tech out there so that you don't need to. This time around we're focusing a little more tech heavy than usual, but I don't think you'll be disappointed.

Robocular - This is a cool 3D scanner. It won't be ready for production until the second half of 2014, this printer does come with a lot of options. With 3D printing being the big techology of 2013, this will scan anything and create a printable ready file for you. Depending on your scanning quality, it can take 45 seconds to eight minutes, and at the highest quality, files can take over 100mb easily, but storage is pretty cheap these days, so that should only be a problem if you were looking at online backups. Even better, the Robocular has been tested successfully already with items up to 45lbs in weight too. This scanner looks universally simple to use, and they're looking at a few other avenues for use beyond just the 3D printing realm. Once it hits retail it will come with a price tag around $800, but right now, you can bag one on kickstarter for $700.


Plugaway - We've looked at similar items before, but this one is pretty stylish, and coming with all the features. Schedule your devices to come on or off, monitor power consumtion, or set the levels to dim the lights. Even more impressive is that Plugaway is run on opensource software, allowing the end user full control over everything, after all, once you buy it, it's yours. After speaking with the brains behind this one, I'm pretty impressed with the flexability this one can offer in the future. They're taking everything into consideration, and not writing off anything. What would you use it for?


SmartCharge - This is a really cool lighting solution that's hard to find a downside to it. In a nut shell, when the lights go out, they don't. So let me explain that one a little better, this light uses a smart grid technology and when the power goes out, it switches over to a built in battery. The really impressive ability here is that because of the grid sensing technology, even without the power, you can still control the light with a switch.