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We like to keep up with what's new so that you don't have to. From turbine technology in the power of your hands to an invention towards self tuning guitars, check it out.

Hydrobee - One thing that always wins is an innovation for effeciency. Creating a hydro powered USB charger, the hydrobee uses turbine technology to generate electricity. If you're off the grid, you can use a special attachment to maximize it to use with running water such as a river. If you're looking for home use, you can use this with any hose, sink, or pipe. Projecting to be half to a third the cost of solar for the same output, the Hydrobee is looking to be on the market in spring of 2014.


ZEROHOUR - More than your typical flash light, the people behind ZEROHOUR have create an all purpose, tactical flashlight. It's compact, water proof, and energy effecient, not to mention, powerful. With various power settings, you can conserve your batter power as needed. It also comes with the options for flash and SOS mode, for when you really need help. One last really cool feature is that this flash light also comes with USB charging capabilities for any USB device, giving you the options you might really need when you're stranded.


Roadie Tuner - This last one caught my interest because it does fill such a specific need in a unique way. The roadie tuner is a guitar tuner that adjusts your guiter for you. People have been playing guitars and other stringed insturments, and this little device will connect with your cell phone and manually tune your guitar for you. You can set it to normal tuning, or adjust it slightly sharp, slightly flat, or to any key you want. Even better, if you're tuning an electric guitar, you can plug your guitar in, to tune it in quiet environments. There are a lot of basic tuners out there that can listen to your strings, this si the first I've seen that can control every element, and work to many different specifics of tuning and so many insturments all at once.

Roadie TunerRoadie Tuner