How to Live Forever


Unfortunately as of this moment, there is no way to live forever. Luckily, there are some pretty easy steps you can take to start living healthier and living longer. Halloween is over, and if you've got some self control, there are still piles of candy laying around, but thanksgiving is coming up, and with it, the cold winter that turns everyone into a shut-in. The problem with this is, no one gets out to burn off any of that holiday unhealthiness.

The best thing to have in your arsenal of being healthy will always be a nice exercise regiment, but there are some other tricks to help make things easier.

Portion control
Being healthy is a mental game that eventually becomes a part of life. One of America's top killers is heart disease, because over eating has become a part of life for so many.

Reconsider the plateWhen you go out to eat, go out with the idea that you'll box up half of your meal. Restaurants typically serve far more than you should be eating already, so this is a great habbit, and a way to stretch the most out of that bill when you're having it for dinner again tomorrow.

When you're at home, use smaller plates. A lot of us grew up being told we needed to clear our plates. Even though the economy is bleak, we're not in the great depression, and food is one thing that's always in abundance. Using a smaller plate helps you limit your portions without even thinking about it.

Eat healthier
Energy DrinksThis is an obvious solution, but there's more to it than putting down that candy bar. Stop drinking pop. That's a great place to start. Juice has a lot of bennefits, but it has a lot of sugars in it too, so be careful what you're trading it for. If you think you might rebound and binge on pop, make yourself a deal, one day of pop a week. You can even ease into it. Once you're more aware of your habbits, you can start swapping drinks high in carbs and sugars for water more frequently. If you find yourself craving the carbonation, there are carbonated waters, or even affordable products that let you make your own pop, typically with half the cards and sugars.

Another great thing to do is, prepare your own meals. I'm a busy guy, but this one is pretty signifigant. When you compare the health impact of processed and prepared food to that of homemade food, it's amazing. It takes more time, but it's definitely worth it. Health bennefits aside, you're getting food that's more natural, you're becoming a better chef, and you know exactly what you're eating.

Watch your habbits
Reconsider the plateThis is probably one of the best ways to keep yourself going. Start logging your eating and exercise habbits. If nothing else, this might make you more aware of things. The good side to this is, it's very easy to do. If you have a smart phone or just internet access (which, since you're readying this, it can be assumed you have one of the two), there are a ton of sites out there that help you track your eating and fitness habbits while setting goals.

One last thing is to look at your entertainment in life. Get off the couch, stop driving to the bar and start planning other activities. Go for a hike, a swim or join a softball league. Be active!! Don't just waste away on the couch, that's the worst thing anyone could do for so many reasons. Start making a lifestyle you can brag about.

Start a workout reginment
Start a workout planSo now you're not adding extra weight, lets start burning what you've got already. Make a workout plan. Start light and build it as you feel comfortable. Mix it up too. Cardio, then strength training. Combine the two, and find new workouts to add. This makes sure you're working out your entire body and keeps things fresh. Eventually you'll be looking forward to these work outs.

Don't be scared off
I think this is where most people get derailed. Being healthy really is a mind game. It's easy to feel discouraged and feel like you're not making an ounce of progress. This stuff takes time and nothing happens over night, and it's really important to remember that. If you stick with this, in any way, then the rewards will be there for a long time, and it'll all definitely be worth it.