Hey Sexy Lady...


How to approach a girl, do pick up lines work?

Face it, pick up lines are just excuses to talk to a girl, doesn’t leave a great first impression. If you are already showing her that your good at giving excuses it more than likely won’t work out for you. Could even make you sound desperate.  Pick up lines just do not work.

Instead try making eye contact first, don’t stare though.

Wait for the right opportunity to approach her. Try observing her for a moment the best time to approach is when she’s in a good mood. Never approach a girl from behind. They are always worried someone might grab them and are very cautious from behind.

Did you know first Impressions are usually made within 3 seconds? Keep this in mind.

So when you decide to go talk with her, approach with a smile and a nice hi or hello, will do just fine! You need to be confident without being cocky, carry yourself well without over doing it.

Find something general to talk about use your surroundings to help spark a conversation. Try and observe her body language. If she seems to be playing with her phone or crossing her legs or arms and rolling her eyes walk away. But if she is smiling and playing with her hair those are good signs.

Always leave them wanting more. Make the conversation short and sweet.  Tell her it was nice meeting her and you hope to see her around. If she chooses to get to know you let her ask for your number or how to contact you again.