Debunking Facebook: The myth of wheat grass


I see so many memes every week about what's healthy and what isn't on facebook. They're all pretty interesting, and if I learned anything, if the majority say it's true, then it must be true. But just to test the waters a little, lets take a closer look.

Facebook Fact: 2 ounces of  wheet grass is the equivilent of 4lbs of green vegetables.
WheetgressThis one almost sounds too good to be true. I'd rather choak down a shot of wheet grass weekly instead of eating all my vegetables, but upon researching it, this looks to be largely false. While that are still very few studies on wheet grass, nutritionally, it has almost nothing to offer.

"A typical one-ounce serving contains only seven calories, no fat and virtually no carbohydrates and protein. Wheatgrass contains no essential omega-3 fatty acids nor does it have much vitamin content with the exception of 7 percent of the daily value (DV) of vitamin C. A one-ounce shot also contains 10 percent DV of iron, but only a trace amount of any other well-known vitamins and minerals."

Many of the miracle cures have almost no scientific research behind them. The one large bennefit is the amount of Chlorophyll it contains. This green pigment has been said that it increases the red blood cell count in people, but even this has had very little research.

It's always good to do some research of your own before jumping in line. The internet has given everyone a voice, the unfortunate side is, usually only the loudest people are heard.