Buffalo Trace Bourbon Whiskey


Buffalo Trace Bourbon WhiskeyBuffalo Trace Bourbon Whskey has been around for a long time, a LONG time, having a working distillery since 1787. This has given them some time to really perfect their recipe. Coming up with a 90 proof bourbon, Buffalo Trace I have read is aged for 9 years, though there isn't an age statement on the label, and hits a nice level of 90 proof.

With a slightly deep golden color, you can assume it was aged for a while.  With a strong scent, you can smell sweet vanilla and maple. The first sip of this bourbon has a strong bite to it, but lots of flavor, something you could easily drink neat. The price of this bourbon whiskey ranges in price depending on where you go from $20-30, and for the value, this is a great bourbon. This is a very solid bourbon, and something worth holding in your liquor cabinet.

Buffalo Trace Whiskey Bourbon has been around since the prohibition days, so they've comfortably earned a place for their name. If you're looking for something to ease into for bourbon, this is a great place to start. Like we said, they've got a proven name already, both with their distillery and from asking around, this is a classic favorite of many. For the price, it's nothing you need to regret, which makes it an easy choice.

Buffalo Trace Bourbon WhiskeyBuffalo Trace Bourbon WhiskeyBuffalo Trace Bourbon WhiskeyBuffalo Trace Bourbon Whiskey