Boco AT Running Shoes by Newton


It's cold out, but that doesn't mean it's time to call it quits for the winter. Between the holiday dinners and the shorter days, this is probably the best time to really start focusing on getting healthy. Today we'll be checking out the Boco AT running shoes by Newton.

BoCo AT Running Shoes by Newton

Unboxing the BoCo ATs
Ok, so I  won't lie, the first thing I noticed about these shoes was they are green, really green, which as my favorite color, that's pretty awesome. I like everything to have some personality, and these shoes aren't lacking in any way. Bright green body, black and green bottoms, red laces, and even the insides are a nice bright yellow. Aside from the visual appearance, you can see that the shoes should breath well. They have a lot of padding, and from looking at the tread of the shoes, they should have some pretty nice traction.

BoCo ATs by Newton RunningBoCo ATs by Newton RunningBoCo ATs by Newton RunningBoCo ATs by Newton Running

The facts
Ok, on to the hard details.  The Boco ATs are designed to be an everything running shoe, whether it's pavement, the office or in the mountains. It has an unusually built up padding, especially noticeable in the forefoot. They have a total weight of 9.6 oz for mens, and 8.2 oz for womens, and a 3mm heel to top drop to help you get through some rough terrains. 

Boco ATs in action
Now it's time for the  first hand experiences. The fit feels good. You notice the padding right away. I've seen some people say that it's enough that it gives their foot too much room to move between your foot and the ground, but I didn't see that at all. The traction was solid too, the gripping was strong enough that it felt like it almost created a suction cup to the ground at times. Shoes fit really well, I didn't feel like I was sliding all over, it felt like the show was sized really well, and grabbed my foot really well. I also was able to feel the shoe being able to breath, walking indoors and out, you could feel the temp change almost immediately.

Running with them was really comfortable as well. The form of them with the heel to toe drop makes your foot want to roll forward, I didn't feel like my feet were just smacking the ground. If you're running on the road, the reflectors on them are also incredibly reflective, the bright color of these shoes should help them stand out too.

BoCo ATs by Newton RunningBoCo ATs by Newton RunningBoCo ATs by Newton Running

My Conclusion
The construction of the Boco ATs feels like they put together a quality shoe. They are on the higher end of a typical running shoe, but it looks like you're getting that quality back, and not just paying for an overly hyped brand. They're made for pretty much any street, trail, or mountain top you might want to make your way across, and you can feel that extra cushion as soon as you step into them.