10 Tips For A First Date

Want to impress your date? Guys, try to follow these 10 easy, yet very important rules.
  1. Plan The Date: Guys, girls actually like when guys take charge and plan things out. It shows that you put time and effort into the date. Just keep in mind if you're planning something out of the “norm” give her a heads up so she doesn't show up in high heels for a hiking trip.
  2. Dress Nice: When a guy dresses nice it shows that he can take care of himself. Despite what many guys may think we don't want to be your “mommies”. Ask for help from a friend if you're unsure about what to wear.
  3. Gifts: Guys, seriously you don't need to show up with a dozen roses and a box of chocolates. A nice single flower will work if you want to bring something. You really don't have to show up with a gift though, let's face it the date alone is expensive enough.
  4. Be On Time: Nothing is worse than a guy showing up late. That's like saying to the girl, “Sorry, your time means nothing to me”. So guys, be on time!
  5. Keep The Conversation Balanced: This is very important on the date, and could result in you either sounding like a creep or an egotistic jerk. If you spend the entire time asking all about her, you end up sounding creepy in wanting to know every detail about her life. So, ask her questions and then return by answering then about you.
  6. Be Yourself: Don't try to put on a front and make yourself out to be someone you're not. If the date leads to a second or third eventually the truth will come out and you'll seem like a liar. So guys, be yourself. Besides you want someone to love you for the real you anyways, right?
  7. Stay Off Your Phone: Important thing to remember, and it's simple. All calls, texts, emails, twitter updates, and facebook posts can wait until the date is over. Let the girl know she has your full attention the entire time.
  8. Pay The Bill: Hello guys, it's the first date. Don't expect the girl to dish out the money. Maybe on date two or three she'll offer to go dutch with you, but not on the first date.
  9. Kiss Her: We're not in the old fashion days anymore guys, I know big surprise. It's ok to kiss the girl on the first date if things seem to be going well.
  10. Don't Sleep With Her: Guys, it doesn't matter how well you think the date is going don't try to sleep with her. If you have any hopes that this will turn into a relationship, don't do it. Besides you'll have something nice to look forward to.