When it's time to bake, be tactical, precise


It happens to all of us at some point, we need to learn to cook. Whether it's something quick or something you spend all day preparing, it'll happen. That's why today I wanted to take a look at the only baking mat that makes sense, the Non-Stick Baking Mat from Simple Home Creations.

Non-Stick Baking Mat

Out of the box
Armed with the only baking mat that makes sense for a guy, this Non-Stick Baking Mat is  oven safe and dishwasher safe. Aside from being able to handle most anything you throw at it, this baking mat comes equipped with measuring guides along the outside and targets for things like cookies on the interior.

 Non-Stick Baking MatNon-Stick Baking MatNon-Stick Baking MatNon-Stick Baking Mat

The First Hand Experience
The sheet is a non-stick silicone mat, so you won't need to worry about any cooking spray, oils, or butter, which keeps the mess down and your food a bit healthier. There's little clean up too. Since it's non-stick, you won't be scrubbing at burnt on food forever. I was skeptical about how well this would work out, so I gave it a first-hand try, and it delivered perfectly. In addition to the non-stick surface, it's made out of an incredibly flexible material. I don't typically do a lot of baking, but I knew most baking sheets are metal, but the flexible material made it easy to slide things off.

The first session we had with this, we went for something simple, and made some chocolate chip cookies, next will be a large tray of baked nachos! We're still working our way up to a being a seasoned chef, but we wanted to post a few stock photos of this one in action. If you're hungry, you may not want to look at the photos below!

Non-Stick Baking MatNon-Stick Baking MatNon-Stick Baking Mat

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