Revel II Boots from Keen


Winter just doesn't want to end for most people, but at least one thing you shouldn't have to worry about is getting around with a solid boot! Designed for hiking, the Revel II will help you get where you want to go in rain or snow, look good, and stay comfortable.

Revel II from Keen

The Details
Designed for some of the rougher terrains, the Revel II is intended for hiking, and designed to do this in the rain or the snow.  Starting with a non-marking rubber outside, a water proof exterior, and the interior lining is designed to wick moisture away. These boots were designed to keep your feet warm and protected, with multiple layers of insulation and lugs designed especially to keep you stable in winter.

The First Hand Experience
Right out of the box, I can feel the Revel II has a nice solid build to it. The tread is very thick, had a sturdy rubber toe, and thick leather outside. Slipping into them, they have a good fit. They're bulkier than a tennis shoe or a runner, but they're still really comfortable and easy to get around in. Taking them outside for some work, after a day, they don't lose any comfort at all.

Revel II from KeenRevel II from KeenRevel II from KeenRevel II from KeenRevel II from Keen

I haven't gone on any hikes through the mountains, but for daily use, during a winter that feels like it may never end, these boots passed the test. With a clean cut look to them, they are very durable, insulate well, let you get around well.

My Conclusion
The Revel II Boots from Keen are a quality boot that should last. They have a very clean cut style. These boots don't need to have a flashy look to them, their quality and comfort already say more than enough. Whether it's summer or winter, if you're going to be hiking or taking on any serious projects that need some serious footwear, the Revel II's have our seal of approval.

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