Perky Jerky


It's one of my favorite snacks, Beef Jerky. So we wanted to start taking a look at some of the varieties of Jerky out there for all of you. We wanted to take a look at one variety that really stood out more than most lines of jerky... Perky Jerky, all natural, moist, and energy boosting, we're going to let you know what we think!

Perky JerkyPerky Jerky

Initial Notes
Mentioned above,  Perky Jerky is an all natural jerky, there are no nitrites, preservatives, and no added MSG. One thing that also caught my attention was that a portion of all sales of Perky Jerky go towards muscular dystrophy and down syndrome research. Straight out of the package, these boast a decently healthy snack.

The boost of energy comes from Guarana. If you're unfamiliar with this extract, it has a lot of potential boosts. Cognitive abilities include memory retention and physical abilities include boosts in energy levels. Worldwide Guarana has really achieved high levels of use. In this case, it's being used in place of any direct caffeine.

Product Calories Total Fat Cholesterol Sodium Carbohydrates Protein
Turkey 60 0g 25mg 190mg 4g 11g
Beef 90 2g 25mg 530mg 6g 11g

The Tasting Room
We were able to try out the Turkey Perky Jerky and the Beef Perky Jerky. The Jerky is very fresh, still moist, something that actually caught me off guard. I at first wondered if there was some kind of coating, but believe this is more a reflection of how fresh it was at the time it was packaged.

The jerky itself was soft. I never once felt like I was chewing on leather or have to really fight with it like you do most other jerky out there. The flavor was strong, but still pretty good. I can't say with any definitive reassurances that this gave me a noticeable energy boost, but snacking on it through the weekend, I was able to power through a highly productive weekend without any real down time at all. 

My Conclusion
If you're looking for a snack while trying to get healthy, Perky Jerky is a great place to start. High in protein without adding a lot of the junk. This makes for a perfect snack between meals. The Guarana just helps boost that position even more. The taste at first may be a little sharp for you, but you can ease into it easily and just enjoy it.

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