Up n Coming from Kickstarter


We always like to make sure we're taking a look at the newest stuff to hit the market so you don't miss anything, and every now and then, we like to make sure we're showing you the stuff that hasn't even gotten the chance to get that far! Here's a look at some of the Up n Coming from Kickstarter that we think are worth keeping an eye out for!

Firefly LED Pendant Lighting - Pendant lighting isn't anything new to the world, but these guys do know what they're getting into better than most. Producing an out of the box kit that makes it simple to mount and change your pendant bottle light, the Firefly comes with everything, and really takes the lighting into deep consideration. Mounting with a silicone stopper that should fit any bottle you throw at it without damaging it, its unique design will keep perfectly centered.

Firefly Pendant LightingFirefly Pendant Lighting

Trinity Portable Wind Turbine - Among the first portable wind turbines we've seen that are aimed to charge anything USB Connected, we're really liking this one. There's a bit of initial surprise, I mean, it's a wind turbine!! But coming equipped with a 15,000 mAh Battery, this should be pretty beneficial, whether you're just looking to keep your Bluetooth speakers powered longer at the party, or you're going cross-county with your RV or motorhome.

Trinity Portable Wind TurbineTrinity Portable Wind TurbineTrinity Portable Wind Turbine

LazeeEye - This is an odd pick, but we really like it. 3D scanning for your smart phone, something that we're always surprised we don't see more of. With applications for everything from construction to 3D printing, LazeeEye promises all of this for less than $100, and it plugs right into your smart phone. They aren't the first, but they're offering a far more compact version, that we're interested in keeping our eyes on!


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