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We're always looking to bring you the best and the latest out there, and one place we can never overlook is Kickstarter. Check out this week's preview into some augmented reality glasses, laser engraving, and quick and mobile podcasting!

LASTER SeeThru - An augmented reality device, the Laster SeeThru is able to support a number of functions, creating almost a HUD (Heads Up Display) for your eyes only. It's able to track where you are and give you everything you'd need on the screen to help interact with what you're doing without interfering with seeing the things in front of you. We're a huge fan of augmented reality, and we feel like the potential for this one is pretty limitless.


 The MicroSlice - Laser cutter and engraver. We like this because it's built on open source hardware and software. We also love anything that allows you to be more productive in creating something yourself. The short comings of this one though is that it only works on a 2" area, and it uses a very light laser, so you are limited on your cutting/engraving. That being said, there are still some cool possibilities for this one, and the price is definitely right.


Padcaster Mini - Following the success of their original Padcaster, the PadCaster Mini is set to launch into full production for everyone by April, and plans to retail for under $100. We like this one because it's a quick and simple film making process, and it's mobile. With how common pod casts and youtube as a whole have become as platforms for people, this is a great product to see coming out, and it enables quick and easy video.

Padcaster Mini

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