Live Fire, for the All Out Chef


Every guy out there loves to grill, but I'm just guessing few have ever gone as far as Michael Chiarello.  Live Fire will walk you through every facet of grilling, both over the grill, and over your own fire pits. From what wood to use, great recipes, to tools of the trade.

Live Fire

One of the things I liked about Live Fire was that it wasn't your typical outdoor cook book. It has a wide focus of just cooking over fire, but isn't limited to how you get your fire. Starting with the tools he talks about the different grills and why having a flame resistent glove is a nice asset.

It covers setting up a pantry, and then gets into the grilling recipes. Everything from burgers to whole lambs, and all the way down to oysters, this book covers it all. Live Fire also looks at some of the less than conventional tools of the trade. Forget the heat resistent gloves, this will cover chimney stacks for your charcol, and something you may need to find a welder for, called the "iron cross".

That said, the book covers everything, even the basics of starting your fires. It has great detail with the descriptions, and shows the illustrations of everything you'll be making, keeping it extremely useful. This book may not be for your normal person, but if you love to cook your food outdoors, Live Fire will show you some interesting new things to try, and give you some great looking recipes to get started with!

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