Jabiru - Bottle Top Stem System


DIY projects are comfortably among our favorite things to do. A while back we took a look at the Kinkajou Bottle Cutter, and one thing we really loved was how simple it was to use. We've seen people make their own drinking glasses, pendant lights, whatever, if you google around, you'll find a lot of ideas, but one that we didn't think of was how to make some fun wine glasses. That's where the Jabiru comes in, with this stems, made to fit in the mouth of your bottles.

Jabiru bottle stem systemJabiru bottle stem systemJabiru bottle stem system

The method behind the Jabiru is very simple, once you have a cut bottle, you can very easily push a stem into the mouth of the bottle. This turns your cut bottles into a nice looking wine glass. It also takes away the guilt of not liking your glasses, because you can always cut some new bottles and move the stems to them. The Jabiru comes in a variety of colors so it's up to you how you make things look, but what we love about it is that it allows you to keep things interesting with an easy way to always create your own style.

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