Flaviar - Drinks delivered to your door


It's a great idea: drinks delivered right to your door. Here at Brobility, we're fans of whiskey. We're all familiar with the bigger names, but who wants to spend $50 for a bottle just to try it out? That's where Flaviar comes in, offering sampling packs of whiskey, gin, bourbon, and cognac - they have something for everyone.

Flaviar - Drinks to your door

Right out of the box, Flaviar looks Bold and unique. They definitely have a sleek design to their product, with black packaging, a matte and gloss logo, and a dynamic display that makes getting this one in the mail a satisfying experience. The lid easily slides up to reveal your samples, complete with tasting notes. Each serving holds 1.5 ounces in a glass tube and is individually sealed. Its obvious that quite a bit of attention goes into each package, due to the real glass, individual seals, and attention to detail.

Flaviar - Drinks to your doorFlaviar - Drinks to your doorFlaviar - Drinks to your doorFlaviar - Drinks to your door

The convenience of Flaviar was a huge hit with us. Instead of dropping a couple hundred dollars on alcohol you've never tasted before, you can try a variety of samples for a fraction of the price. The best part is that they're delivered to your door. If you decide you like what you're drinking, Flaviar also provides links to purchase the full bottles, or if you like the samples, they even have subscription options where these sample packs can be sent out monthly or quarterly. The sample packs vary, but are all packed with high-end alcohols.

Flaviar is  a win in our eyes. Whether you're looking to treat yourself, or find a unique gift for someone who really likes getting to know what's out there, you'll hit the mark with these sample packs.

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