DNAME - Fashion with a sense of self


We like to keep an eye on kickstarter projects, because we never know what cool idea we'll see coming out of there next. Well this one definitely caught our eye, and may reinvent individual fashion. DNA ME is something completely new, a bracelet with your own DNA encoded to it. Luckily, we were able to talk to the people behind the DNA ME and find out some more about them.

DNAME - wearable DNA

Etched into the band of this bracelet is a sample of your DNA code. Because DNA is so long, and there are a lot of "common" strings, they're only including the unique region of your DNA, which is still as you can see, a pretty substancial length.

Right now everything DNA ME is doing is over kickstarter and they're offering their bracelets for 20% less than their anticipated retail rate, but if you miss that chance, as long as all things go to plan, they're planning to be in full production May or June of 2014. All of their suppliers have been identified, and they're already working with a lab for DNA analysis.

DNAME - Fashion with a sense of selfDNAME - Fashion with a sense of selfDNAME - Fashion with a sense of self

If the completely unique bracelet itself isn't enough to get you on board, you can feel good about the purchase with 5-10% of every order after the kickstarter will be going towards fellowships in scientific fields.

One thing I was particularly curious about was the time and process involved in these bracelets. By design, they cannot be mass produced since each individual bracelet is connected with your own DNA. DNA samples will be taken through a mouth swab, which will then be sent to a lab. Within 2-3 weeks, DNA ME will receive the DNA results. One more week will give them time to engrave and prepare your bracelet, making it ready to ship, then it's just a game of waiting for the mail. If that seems like a while, it is, but you also have to understand, this is a pretty unique piece you're ordering. To help you feel better, DNA ME will provide you with a code to track your your bracelet (anonymously) throughout the manufacturing process.

If you're worried about someone steeling your DNA information, don't worry, this isn't being handled like most marketable data out there. The lab doing the analysis will protect your privacy, and only you the customer will have access to your data with a selected password. Once the analysis is completed, the lab will then destroy your sample. Since this information is so secure (even though you'll be wearing it for display), you will have to sign over agreements for DNA ME to have access to it as well, but you can feel comfortable knowing that DNA ME, in the same agreement makes explicit notes that it will never share or sell your information.

We think this is a pretty cool project, and we'll be keeping an eye on them!

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