Carhartt Suede Wedge Boots


Carhartt has been doing boots right for a long time, and have found a way to get you through almost everything. Today we'll be taking a look at one of their new boots, a 6 inch suede wedge boot. This boot will get you through just about anything you can throw at it, and it's got a nice clean cut look to it, making it a winner whether you're at work or on a night out.

Carhartt Suede Wedge Boot

The Details
Straight out of the box, these boots look nice. They have khaki colored suede and have a very clean look to them. The boots are six inches deep as well, so they should be able to get you through most bad weather or heavy work without being a problem. Even better, they're waterproof, as well as oil and slip resistant.

The first-hand experience
These boots feel solid. They don't feel like they're going to fall apart, they feel like they could take a real beating. I was a little worried about the suede being too soft a material for some heavy use, but it feels like it won't have a problem holding up.

 Carhartt Suede Wedge BootCarhartt Suede Wedge BootCarhartt Suede Wedge Boot

These boots were very comfortable, and felt low impact. I can personally vouch that these boots are water proof, as I've been working outside in 6-8 inches of snow. The 6 inches of height they give for cover hasn't gone unnoticed either. They're well insulated too! I'm used to wearing trail runners, so seeing the mildly flat tread of these shoes, I was worried they wouldn't give me the traction that I needed for outdoor use, but after wearing them for a while, it was clear this wasn't an issue.

Carhartt Suede Wedge BootsCarhartt Suede Wedge BootsCarhartt Suede Wedge Boots

My Conclusion
Carhartts' Suede Wedge Boots are a quality boot that'll get the job done. If you're heading out, they have a very simple clean look to them that will work for most occasions. If you're taking them to the shop, they're heavy duty. You can feel it in the material and the tread. Water proof and slip resistant, these boots should help you in most environments where you need to get some real work done. The treading looks like it'd be best suited for a shop or factory floor, but after putting them through some abuse on my own, I can confidently say they handled everything I threw at them. If you're looking for a better look, make sure to check out our gallery of these Carhartt Suede Boots.

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