Bionic Workout Gloves


One thing I really like having is a nice set of workout gloves. They keep me from tearing up my hands and they give me that extra bit of grip. Today I'll be taking a look at two pairs of gloves from Bionic, their PerformanceGrip Full-Finger Fitness gloves and their StableGrip Half-Finger Fitness gloves.

The Facts
The PerformanceGrip Full-Finger Fitness gloves and StableGrip Half-Finger Fitness gloves come with a leather palm and stretchable material on the top of the hand that breathes very well. These gloves have a patented pad system to even out the surface area of your hand, giving you more to grip with. Naturally, the full fingered gloves have increased area for an even stronger grip. You'll also see the padding is increased in some areas to help resist any wear and tear over time. The material will also help with odor control, and will breathe with your hands as needed.

Bionic Workout GlovesBionic Workout GlovesBionic Workout Gloves

Giving Bionic a First Hand Trial
Trying on the gloves, I like their feel. They aren't too bulky, so they don't feel like they're getting in the way, and the palm side material does have some nice grip to it. The gloves move really well with my hands like you'd want them to. In the palm side there are a few slits to allow for better movement, and on the back side of the gloves, almost the entire glove is made of a more flexible material. This flexibile material allows the gloves breath really well, you won't have to worry about sweating in these and feeling your hand slipping around. 

If you're like me, you prefer the cutoff gloves. If I can't feel it on my own skin, then I get thrown off, so these are a great option to fit anyone's preference. The material feels strong, even with it being very light, I'm not worried about it wearing out or coming apart on me any time soon. Using them with free weights or with any exercise equipment for cardio they feel very comfortable.

Bionic Workout GlovesBionic Workout GlovesBionic Workout GlovesBionic Workout Gloves

My Conclusion 
Overall, I like these gloves. They're thin and wrap your hand very well, but don't feel like they'll come apart on you. The leather will save your hands while you work out, and the increased padding in areas is noticeable. I was able to move and never felt like the gloves were stiff or didn't have enough room. I also did notice their ability to breathe and felt very comfortable in these gloves. I'd recommend anyone looking for a workout glove to check out the 
PerformanceGrip Full-Finger Fitness gloves and the StableGrip Half-Finger Fitness gloves and give them a try.

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