October 2012

Quick and Easy Salsa Recipe

Quick and eascy salsa Recipe

Looking for an inexpensive and delicious snack recipe to serve at your next upcoming holiday party? Try this one.

Keep It Cool, Don't Be That Guy

Keep it cool, don't be that guy

The worst thing anyone can do is turn into a creeper. If you're the creeper of the group or the creeper of the night, you're not going to come out ahead. You'll wind up having a bad time, so and will everyone else at the bar because they'll be trying to keep away from you!

Iron Man 3 Trailer

Latest Iron Man 3 Trailer

You guys voted Iron Man as a better bro, so here's his latest movie trailer!! Take a look at the Latest Movie Trailer for Iron Man 3!

Planning a Date That'll Set You Apart

Planning a date that'll set you apart

There's a lot to consider when you're planning a date. I think the most important thing is to learn to read off the girl for what she might be into. Not all girls are the same, so some of these ideas may not work and might set some distance between the two of you, but one thing is for certain, she will remember you. If you're looking to do something nice, then there's always a cook your own dinner date. If you're looking to do something that'll really stand out, then check out these suggestions.

Fears and Why We Have Them

What are you Afraid of?

Survive Your Night!

Survive Your Night!

It's better to be safe than sorry.
Read here for steps to take to be ready for the last bit of your night.
Plus! Crucial tips to avoid attention from the police on your way home from the bar!

DIY Beer Cap Table

DIY Beer Cap Table

If you're looking for a cool way to add some of your own personality to your bar, common area, or man cave, this idea will definitely do it. Today I'm going to show you how to easily create your own beer cap table top.

Don't Lose Hope

Don't Lose Hope

An Amazing story about a guy being told at the age of 19 that he wouldn’t see his 30th birthday, due to his health and over weight condition.

Want to Win a Custom Test Tube Shot Rack?

Want to win a custom test tube shot rack?

Looking for a chance to win your very own test tube shot rack? Straight from our feature, we're looking to give one away to a lucky reader!! So if you want to keep the party going with some style, make sure you get in on this one!!

Create the Sound of the Night!

Create the Sound of the Night!

Set up the right tunes to throw a killer BASH than an awful GASH!
Read here on what you NEED to have in order for your party!

Cars You'd Kill For!

Cars you'd kill for

We wanted to put together a list of cars you'd kill for, but once I started doing this I realized, there's a lot of pretty cool cars, but what are some of the tops? I figured first, it needs to go fast... Have a price tag that'd make even a presidential candidate hesitate, and more than anything, it needs to look good... and I mean really good. I know a lot of you are going to have ideas for cars that should be in this list, but more than anything, we need to make sure these aren't cars that you'll find in a highschool parking lot.

The Top Guy Movies

The Top Guy Movies

It's hard to deny, there are certain movies that define us all. Whether we get a sense of ourselves, ideas for a future career or if we just enjoy kicking back and relaxing to our favorite movies, as guys, there are some that should top all of our lists.

Money Isn't Everything!

Money Isnt Everything

Have toys but no one to play with??

Watching for the Red Flags

Watching for the red flags

This is an article that I'm sure everyone can relate to, and unfortunately, I can say I've learned most of these lessons from experience, but maybe they can help enlighten all of you.

Here We Go Again…

Couple fight, yelling, and arguing.

Couple Fights: Things to always remember and things you should never do.
Every relationship has their ups and down. Fighting and arguing is just something that’s going to come up when you’re with someone for a long time. Here are a few helpful things to remember so that the fighting and arguing doesn’t get out of hand and that by the end of the day you still love each other.

Planning a 'Walking Dead' Premiere Party?

The Zombie Brain Hemorrhage

Ok, when it comes to party planning, most of us guys usually don't care about too much beyond having lots of people and lots of drinks, so I'm going to help you make sure you've got everything covered. The walking dead starts its third season on Sunday, October 14, so it's time to get on top of things now!

Building a Home Gym on the Cheap

Boxing Gloves

If you're like me, then you're stuck behind a desk for the majority of your day but still want to be in shape, and with fall right around the corner, you're options are becoming limited. Starting your own home gym may sound expensive, but let me show you how you can get a solid start without breaking the bank.

5 Simple Meals To Impress Your Date

5 Simple Meals To Impress Your Date

Looking for an easy to make dinner that still looks impressive? Check out these five easy recipes that will show off your cooking ability while keeping things simple.